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Frequently Asked Questions


Company Questions:


Where are ODS Lease Alert's products made?

ODS Lease Alert's products are assembled in the State of Indiana and Private Labeled by ODS.


How are ODS Lease Alert products different?

ODS Lease Alert products boast no monthly or annual service fees.  They also have instant cellular connectivity; there are no base station or line of sight requirements.  Our technology is different in that it requires no external power, and install in less than ten minutes.



Service and Equipment Questions:


Do ODS Lease Alert products have virtual timers?

The ODS Lease Alert products have an optional virtual timer that can shutdown the motor or pump, via ODS Lease Alert mobile apps, you may set the motor or pump to turn off after a given amount of time on the ac version.


What type of wireless network does ODS Lease Alert use?

ODS Lease Alert operates on a cellur based network. Contact your dealer or ODS Lease Alert to discuss whether the product you are interested in operates on the CDMA or GSM network, and what is recommended for your area.


What is the difference between the CDMA and GSM wireless networks?

Our CDMA devices function on the Verizon network. Our GSM units function on AT&T, T-Mobile, and additional third party GSM providers.


Do ODS Lease Alert products require special antenna towers or infrastructure to operate?

No, it does not. Everything our device requires to operate is housed in the small 3x5" enclosure.


If cellular coverage in an end user’s area is poor, will this be a problem that will affect a ODS Lease Alert product?

It is recommended to all dealers to perform simple bench test process to determine if there is adequate coverage prior to installation of a ODS Lease Alert product. Poor local cell coverage will likely not affect customers, as ODS Lease Alert utilizes data channels rather than voice channels. ODS Lease Alert also uses back up communication protocols.


How does an end user start or suspend service?

End users should contact their dealer or call +1 (580)237-1237.



Customer Service Questions:


How much do ODS Lease Alert products cost?

ODS Lease Alerts’s equipment and service configurations are designed to fit every budget, with the option to expand later. End users should contact their local dealer for detailed pricing information.


What is ODS Lease Alert’s warranty period?

ODS Lease Alert's manufacturer warranty period on Lease Alert devices is 1 year, with a 3-year product replacement plan available. End users may contact their local dealer for pricing information on the replacement plan.


Does ODS Lease Alert's have mobile apps available?

ODS Lease Alert has both iPhone and Android mobile apps available for free download.


Can an end user select anybody to receive an alert message?

Yes. ODS Lease Alert supports all domestic land lines, cellular phone numbers, and carriers.


Does an end user have a choice of alert methods?

Yes.  Up to 10 recipients can choose voice, text, email, or push notifications.


Will ODS Lease Alert alert an end user when the power fails?

Yes. The end user will be notified in the event of a power failure on ac version. ODS Lease Alert's products are equipped with Lithium ion batteries for remote locations.



ODS Lease Alert WireRat Technology Questions:


What is WireRat® technology?

WireRat® technology detects wire or metal theft. It requires no external power. End users can choose to receive an alert via phone or text message the instant thieves tamper with a motor or other object its attached too.


What sets WireRat® technology apart from similar products?

Patent pending WireRat® technology is the only theft detection technology which requires no external battery. Its custom designed battery pack lasts 4-5 years.


What will happen if someone tries to remove a device with WireRat® technology?

Attempted removal of any device with WireRat® technology will trigger an alert. The end user will receive an instant notification if someone tampers with the device.

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