A leader in design and development of quality industrial and oilfield valves
Available in stainless, carbon, lo-temp, and cryogenic

Bi-directional, uni-directional and general purpose knife gate valves, Y-Strainers, Simplex Basket Strainers & Duplex Basket Strainers

Industrial and energy ,ball, check, butterfly, gate and dual door swing check valves, 3 way,carbon and stainless steel, from ΒΌ inch up. Pressures up to 6000 lbs

Metallic, Semi Metallic and Non Metallic Gaskets and flange Isolation Gaskets

Hinged Closures featuring toolless, threaded, T-bolt and yolk style closures

Secondary Spill Containment, Pig Catcher

High Performance Industrial & Oilfield Butterfly Valves and Actuators

API 6D & 600 – Carbon & Stainless Steel Gates, Globes, and Check Valves up to 30″ Domestic Products Available in Stainless

HDPE Pipe Fittings, Poly Fusion Equipment, Flange Adapters, Back-up Rings, SDR 6 -SDR 17

Long radius arc HDPE sweep bends

Basket Strainers, Pump Products, Duplex Strainers, Y Strainers

Tracer Wire, road bore wire, connectors, detectable and undetectable tape and safety products

HDPE Poly Fittings and Pipe

Formerly known as Nordstrom Poly Valve. Poly-gas valves, Poly-chem valves, Poly-water valves.

Rod Rotators, Grizzly environmental stuffing boxes, polished rod clamps, poly casing insulators, rod guides, shear couplings, tubing drains and sucker rod couplings.

Poly, pvc and cpvc ball valve, butterfly, filters and strainers.

Casings Spacers, End Seals and Pig Indicators, and Pipeline spheres

Forged Steel Fittings Olets, Valves & Nipples

A complete tracer wire system, american made, an alternative to solid copper tracer wire, increased break load, as flexible as solid copper, pulls through first time, toughest and most durable in pipe bursting

Tape, Controllers, and Accessories

Other Competitively priced Items

Bleed Rings 2″ – 12″, Ansi 150 to 1500

Plum Bobs – 20 ounce Bronze

Full Line of stainless steel fittings

Stainless Steel tubing -1/4″ & 3/8″ Seamless or welded

Carbon Steel Pipe – 1″ to 4″ Std & Xh, T & C, Welded or Seamless